AWESOME Best Practice Session: Deloitte Smart Factory Tour

February 03, 20231 minute read

On Tuesday, January 31 and Wednesday February 1, AWESOME and select 2022 Sponsors traveled to Wichita, Kansas to visit the Deloitte Smart Factory.  

This invaluable session featured a discussion and presentation portion, facilitated by Deloitte, and then a tour of the Smart Factory.  

The biggest takeaways from the event were that:

1. Industry 4.0 is going to be, at its core, purpose-driven

2. It is critical for cross-functional units to come together to achieve a common Industry 4.0 vision

3. Viewing the Smart Factory was helpful to help steer cross-functional conversations, and educate on tech stack dependencies

4. The discussions & Smart Factory tour helped reframe how teams thought about how to lead with “more confidence in Industry 4.0 engagements”

Thank you to all our participating 2022 sponsors for making this such an incredible experience. And thank you to our partner Deloitte for facilitating this session and sharing their vision of the future!