2021 AWESOME Scholar Wendy Wilkinson is finding her niche at Devon Energy

September 28, 20222 minute read

Wendy Wilkinson, 2021 AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholar and graduate of the University of Oklahoma, could not be more excited about her new role at Devon Energy. She was a double major in Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems, so securing a place on Devon’s Cybersecurity team was akin to a dream come true for her.   

We love to track the (generally meteoric) progression of our AWESOME Scholars & Fellows, so we asked Wendy to share an update about her job and the projects she’s working on. See below for her insights into a project that’s combining her two passions: supply chain & IT: 

“I just started my first big girl job out of college, and I am excited to see the impact it brings. It’s been a privilege to combine my Supply Chain background with my IT background by working in cybersecurity.  

During my internship I was able to develop an information risk assessment process targeting data risks with non-technical providers. Supply chain attacks can just as easily affect any company and even more so in oil and gas with the current political climate.  

My project is expected to be fully implemented by EOY and we already have the process of collecting Business Impact Analysis and IT Controls Questionnaire automated. Now I’m going to communicate with supply chain and complete kick-off. I am super happy that I’ve found a niche which fits both my backgrounds and interests. I’ve also received 2 raises in the 2 months I’ve been at Devon Energy so it’s great to see hard work pay off!” 

CONGRATULATIONS Wendy! Your hard work is paying off and we couldn’t be prouder.