Johnson & Johnson lights the way with innovative supply chain technology

December 22, 20212 minute read

When people hear the term “lighthouse,” they generally think of something that lights the way for others.  And that’s what the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with McKinsey, intended when developing the Global Lighthouse Network in 2018. The “way” they want to light is an accelerated path toward the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that impact all economies and industries and open up new career paths for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design professionals.

Since the network was established, 90 manufacturers from a variety of industry sectors have received Lighthouse designations – and the company with the most designations is Johnson & Johnson, one of AWESOME’s most loyal sponsors and Host Partner of the AWESOME Symposium in 2015.

Johnson & Johnson’s two most recent Lighthouse awards bring the company’s total to seven. One of the new designations is for J&J’s approach to end-to-end customer connectivity in its orthopedics business and the other is for its Vision Care order-fulfillment operations in London.

When commenting on the Lighthouse designations, Kathy Wengel, Executive Vice President & Chief Global Supply Chain Officer for Johnson & Johnson, said, “Advanced manufacturing technologies contribute to greater efficiencies and connectivity across Johnson & Johnson, while sustaining our commitment to quality, enhancing sustainability benefits for the planet and improving cycle time and visibility for the patients, consumers and customers we are privileged to serve.”

Michelle Dilley, AWESOME CEO, also commented. “One of the things we admire most about Johnson & Johnson is their commitment to the end-to-end customer experience. They are constantly innovating and then sharing their expertise with others.”

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