AWESOME CEO Ann Drake applies the lessons in leadership from last week’s events in Washington, D.C.

January 12, 20212 minute read

We began the New Year full of excitement and hope over the coming vaccine and a fresh view of government with many women participating and people coming together to put 2020 behind us. At the same time, there is trepidation over the massive changes necessary to make it all work.  

That was at the beginning of this week. Now, after the events in Washington, D.C., the need for strong leadership rises to the top of the list. Leaders at every level and in every area shape our world. And whether it’s supply chain or government, women need to step forward and step up.  

Throughout 2020, women leaders in supply chain have been at the front line of everything. Strong and steady shoulders and collaboration across barriers and continents have given our women leaders new opportunities for leadership. In 2021, as more change is put into place, there will be more opportunities for women’s leadership than ever before. 

Our industry will be transformed with intelligent, rational, holistic leadership. That means leaders who listen, who can integrate disparate views and make decisions, who bring people together, and who inspire other people to be their best. Those are all special strengths of women leaders and the time to step up is NOW! 

We began the New Year by asking members of our AWESOME Advisory Board for a word that will drive them forward in 2021. We find their words even more inspiring – and we hope you will, too.