Lillian Dukes will draw from leadership experiences in aviation to teach MBA students at UT

June 05, 20201 minute read

colemanUniversity of Tennessee has announced that Lillian Dukes, an AWESOME Advisor, has joined as a nondegree lecturer in the university’s Aerospace and Defense MBA program. Lillian will draw on  experiences in leadership roles for companies throughout the aviation industry, including American Airlines, Midwest Express Airlines, Independence Air, American Eagle Airline, Beechcraft, and Spirit Aerosystems. Principal and President of LAD Consulting.

Lillian was recently profiled in a leadership story on the website of Lincoln Road Enterprises, a new organization launched by Ann Drake, AWESOME’s Founder and Chairman. In her profile, Lillian describes the influence of mentors on her career success.

At one point, she says, she wasn’t getting promotions for opportunities she thought were well-suited for her. A mentor took her aside and offered to build her resume with new assignments. She learned to say “yes” to any challenge. “You can do so much more than you thought possible,” she says.