AWESOME Founder and Chairman Ann Drake launches new organization to impact women’s leadership

June 05, 20201 minute read


With seven of years of AWESOME experience – and 25 years as Chairman and CEO of DSC Logistics – Ann Drake decided she could do even more. In late 2019, she started Lincoln Road Enterprises (LRE) to advance the influence and contributions of women in business, supply chain, engineering/technology, infrastructure/design, and space.

colemanLRE, in partnership with AWESOME, furthers Ann’s vision of the future—a world without barriers to excellence and accomplishment, and one in which women’s particular contributions are fully recognized, valued and honored on the way to making the world a better place.

To debut the new organization and to “launch” in a meaningful manner, a space-theme event took place in February 2020. Space has long been an area of interest for Ann, and she sees the trips to and from the International Space Station as the ultimate supply chain.



At the LRE event, former NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman was a special guest. Cady was on stage at the 2018 AWESOME Symposium, giving her powerful perspective on leadership and teamwork. During the recent SpaceX launch, she was featured as a commentator on ABC’s coverage: LAUNCH AMERICA: MISSION TO SPACE LIVE. As an astronaut, Cady completed two Space Shuttle missions and a six-month trip aboard the International Space Station.


Cady visited with AWESOME team members when the new AWESOME was opening in Chicago in early 2020.