AWESOME leaders speak about supply chain issues to the International Women’s Forum

May 15, 20201 minute read

Ann Drake, AWESOME’s Founder and Chairman, and Debbie Lentz, President of Global Supply Chain, Electrocomponents and an AWESOME Advisor, were featured in a “Café and Conversation” for members of the International Women’s Forum (IWF). The topic was “Covid’s Impact on Global Supply Chains.”

According to Ann Drake, “There is more interest than ever before in supply chain management and its importance to business operations and success. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything for businesses – and focused intense scrutiny on supply chain practices and strategies.”

In a conversation conducted via Zoom, Ann and Debbie addressed questions in areas such as manufacturing, procurement, distribution and consumer behavior, with special attention on how supply chains have had to adapt to respond to the crisis and what changes are likely to be needed going forward.