Latest updates on supply chain leadership during COVID-19

April 09, 20201 minute read

Latest updates on supply chain leadership during COVID-19: To support our leaders on the front line of helping their companies respond to the changing circumstances, AWESOME continues to act as a clearinghouse for information you might not find otherwise and ​to connect you to real-time, actionable resources.

Important updates from the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN): AWESOME Executive Director Heather Sheehan is ​participating​ in regular ALAN calls where leaders of supply chain organizations share information. These significant resources are related to retail and manufacturing organizations as well as to logistics operations.

Here is what’s happening now:

ALAN has compiled a wealth of COVID-19 resources, best practices and examples regarding essential worker credentialing, facility sanitation, labor law and other supply-chain related issues. They are generously sharing them in this public folder.

Understanding the real-time impacts of the pandemic on truck rates and volumes on a state-by-state basis: FTR Freight Intelligence is providing an excellent, complimentary tool.

If you have retail workers displaced, RILA has compiled resources for helping them find work in other areas of the retail sector.

Can you donate in-kind transport or warehouse space? Please see ALAN’s list of specific logistics needs and donate your company’s services if you are able.

Learn more at the ALAN website and read advice from ALAN Executive Director Kathy Fulton, an AWESOME leader, about “ALAN’s Golden Rules for Social Distancing.”