Supply chains are moving forward and adapting with urgency

April 03, 20201 minute read

Supply chain professionals play a critical role in the world’s response to COVID-19. We want to support our AWESOME leaders with the best information and resources we can find – acting as a clearinghouse for information you might not have otherwise.

Respond. Recover. Thrive.

Deloitte Consulting, a long-time AWESOME supporter, is sharing valuable expertise and guidance for leaders, focusing on “Combating COVID-19 with resilience.”

Insights and analysis from some of the nation’s top universities:




From Penn State’s Center for Supply Chain Research
: Tune in to weekly WEBCASTS (live and recorded) plus downloadable resources and research for managing supply chains during COVID-19.

Article in Insights magazine, published by Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University: This analysis includes insights from Sunil Chopra, IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems, who says The COVID-19 pandemic has tested supply chains like no other event in recent history.” READ MORE

Information from Arizona State experts in an article in Harvard Business Review: The authors describe the value of supply chain network mapping during times of disruption. READ MORE

More Resources:

Business Information & Workplace Guidance
You can find a comprehensive set of resources on the ALAN website. This includes many links to workplace and communication information, OSHA and CDC guidance, FMCSA and FEMA information. The site and links are updated daily.