Mary Long speaks about data science at GS1 Connect

July 18, 20191 minute read

Mary Long, Managing Director of the Global Supply Chain Institute’s Supply Chain Forum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and an AWESOME Advisor, participated as a panelist for a super session at the 2019 GS1 Connect conference. The panel’s topic was “Using Data Science to Extract Business Value.”

The session focused on the intersection of new technologies and advanced data analytics, and zeroed in on how companies can use the data from new technology to make better business decisions. Mary offered her perspective from the field on how to best utilize all of the new data that is now available.

The other members of the panel were Suresh Acharya, Head of JD Labs, JDA, and Robert Tercek, Principal, General Creativity.

GS1 is a non-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication, including the barcode standard used by retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.