Industry publication refers to AWESOME/Gartner study

July 18, 20191 minute read

The publication Refrigerated and Frozen Foods recently featured an article titled “The rise of women in supply chain and logistics.” The article highlights observations from the AWESOME/Gartner Women in Supply Chain survey, including that more organizations have reported initiatives to improve gender diversity over the past several years.

The article also quotes several executives from the trucking industry, including Ellen Voie, president of Women in Trucking, who is an AWESOME leader. Commenting on the impact of more women becoming visible in the supply chain industry, she said “When there are women in leadership in any organization, it has been shown to increase the company’s profits. And, today’s women are more confident in male-dominated professionals. The lines are blurring in regard to men’s and women’s occupations. Nothing is off limits anymore.”

Kendra Phillips, Chief Technology Officer and VP of New Products for Ryder System, also commented: “Women are proven to be great leaders during disruptive change, due to their collaborative nature and willingness to listen and engage.This type of leadership will be essential for the future of the supply chain and logistics industry.”