Conference at Syracuse University features powered by AWESOME  session

March 21, 20191 minute read

The line-up of speakers at the 8th Annual SCM Directors’ Conference held at The Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, included Micaela Bulich, Operating Advisor, Supply Chain & Procurement, with Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and an AWESOME Advisor. The Conference attracted program directors and center managers from approximately 50 universities who are involved in developing and managing different aspects of supply chain management programs and curriculum.

The co-hosts of the conference were the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse and the Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas. Fran Gaither Tucker, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain at Syracuse and an AWESOME Advisor, was Conference Co-Chair. This year’s program was sponsored by Whitman’s H. H. Franklin Center for Supply Chain Management, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019.

As a keynote speaker and leader of the powered by AWESOME session, Micaela used insights from AWESOME/Gartner research as well as recommendations from the AWESOME Action Agenda: 16 Ways to Make Waves and Advance Women’s Leadership to talk about Women in Supply Chain and run a “Making Waves” breakout for the directors to consider their roles in promoting gender diversity in their supply chain programs.