Catalyst news item repeats advice about developing male allies

March 21, 20191 minute read

A blog published by Catalyst in early 2019, focuses on 12 Actions You Can Take to Advance Women at Work. Number 4 on the list – Engage Men as Champions — repeats advice previously given by Catalyst on “Actions Women Can Take to Support Men’s Engagement.”

Catalyst is a global nonprofit that works with CEOs and leading companies to “help build workplaces that work for women.” The organization conducts research and offers practical tools and proven solutions to leaders, companies, and other organizations wanting to build a more inclusive culture.

AWESOME has included sessions as part of the annual Symposium that focus on engaging men to advance women’s leadership since the first Symposium in 2013. At the 2019 AWESOME Symposium – May 1-3 in Seattle – a session titled Engaging Men as Advocates for Change will bring front-and-center the latest thinking about how men and women can best work together. The session will begin with a presentation by Bonnie Fetch, a supply chain executive at Cummins and author of (Un)Skirting the Issues: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned Man in Today’s Workplace, and then a panel of two male and two female supply chain leaders will discuss their own experiences and views on what’s working and what isn’t.