“It felt a little bit like ‘Well, if we make it pink, they’ll come,’”

December 13, 20181 minute read

— Words of wisdom from Amy Hennig, a 54-year-old gaming industry veteran talking about what changed when women entered the male-dominated industry in an article in Marie Claire. “It felt like corralling girls into too small of a space to me.”

The article, “She’s Got Game,” says that despite harassment campaigns, more women are entering the field “to create inventive, engaging, downright fun video games.”

The article also says that some of today’s new games smash classic cliché’s. For example, in PrinceNapped, a character-driven mobile video-game, players rescue the prince, not the princess. “It has attracted both genders and was created by Ker-Chunk Games, a development studio with three female cofounders.”

The author of the Marie Claire article, Jen Ortiz, observes, “Like so much of the tech sector, the video-game industry remains male dominated. For many women working in the space, there’s a sense of self-imposed responsibility to encourage more women to join their ranks.”