Upcoming powered by AWESOME  events draw on expertise of Nancy Nix

September 07, 20181 minute read

The FIATA World Congress in New Delhi, India, on September 26-29 is the first of three upcoming powered by AWESOME events involving Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director Emeritus. Other events on the November calendar are the 20th Annual CIO Forum in Austin, Texas, and the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

At the CIO Forum on November 6-7, focusing on “Innovating for Business Success: Driving Results that Matter,” Nancy will serve as conference chair.

On November 17, Nancy will participate on a panel of leading academics in the supply chain field for a discussion/workshop on “Paradigms for Parity in Advancing Women Leadership in Supply Chain and Operations Management.” This session will address the challenges and opportunities for the SC/OM field to bring gender equality into its upper echelons—Full Professor rank, Endowed Chair, Professional Society Fellows, Sr. Editorial Leadership, Academic Management Roles, etc.–by 2025.

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