American Logistics Aid Network jumps into action for Hurricane Lane

September 07, 20181 minute read

The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) activated prior to Lane’s landfall on the Hawaiian Islands in August, hosting several days of coordination calls to share information and assist with any issues arising from disruptions to supply chains for businesses operating in Hawaii. Kathy Fulton, Executive Director of ALAN, spoke about the organization’s work at the 2018 AWESOME Symposium and in a follow-up story.

For Hurricane Lane, a micro-site was also set up to provide up-to-date information. Although the disruptions to businesses turned out to be minor, there were impacts to numerous homes and significant ongoing flooding occurred in Kauai. ALAN worked with the non-profit community to identify any logistics needs necessary to serve the affected families.

In addition to ALAN’s efforts for Hurricane Lane, the group continued to watch other events unfolding around the US, including flooding in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania at the same time. Kathy explained, “Since we work at every stage of disaster, we continue to support recovery efforts from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and fires in California, as well as monitoring for upcoming tropical weather.”

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