Nike leader and soccer star talk to FAST Company  about innovation, equality and sustainability

January 16, 20181 minute read

Hannah Jones, Nike’s head of sustainability, was interviewed by Fast Company along with Abby Wambach, retired member of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, about why they both see social responsibility as an opportunity to innovate. Nike hosted the 2016 AWESOME Symposium, was a Fifth Anniversary Partner for the 2017 Symposium, and has stepped up to be a Champion for the 2018 Symposium.

In the interview by Jill Bernstein, Hannah talked about how sustainability had to go through a “reframe” to be accepted.

“The reframe that happened is that we stopped seeing sustainability and labor rights as a risk and burden [and instead] as a source of innovation. Whether it’s about women’s rights or sustainability or women in the supply chain, if you flip it to be about an innovation opportunity, people step into that space with less fear. And that creates possibility.”