These six CEOs admit they aren’t perfect

January 11, 20181 minute read

Becoming a CEO means a person has significant talents, but even people at the top need to adjust the way they work sometimes. An article in Fast Company features ideas from six CEOs about habits they plan to break this year.

One of those quoted, Tricia Martinez, founder and CEO of blockchain-powered fintech platform Wala, says “I am wired to work around the clock,” and she plans to try to work less when she’s not at work.

Porter Braswell, CEO of diversity hiring platform Jopwell, says he intends to stop listening while distracted. He’s going to follow this advice: “Always make sure you give your team your full and undivided focus. Putting your phone away and ignoring your email for a half-hour while you meet with someone can make a big difference in that person’s experience working with you.”