AWESOME Founder recommends advancing women to address supply chain talent shortage

May 18, 20171 minute read

Ann Drake, AWESOME Founder and CEO of DSC Logistics, participated as a panelist at the 2017 Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum. As part of the discussion on “Stepping Up to the 3PL Talent Challenge,” Ann spoke about Leadership Development.

The panel topic was introduced with statistics from Tompkins’ studies showing that while 60 million employees will exit the supply chain field over the next decade, only 40 million will enter it.

Ann suggested developing the leadership potential of women as an effective solution for the talent shortage. In addition, businesses who advance women can gain broader perspectives, their customers will be better understood and represented, and their business results will be improved.

She also explained the Five-Point Roadmap developed by Paradigm for Parity, a coalition of business executives working for gender parity in their companies by 2030. Ann is a charter member and has pledged to implement the five points at DSC Logistics.

Ann’s co-panelists were Tim Brown, Managing Director of the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute, and Brian Devine, Senior Vice President of ProLogistix. The discussion was moderated by Valerie Bonebrake, Senior Vice President, Tompkins International.