“Unleashing the potential of women in manufacturing can reap big rewards.”

May 17, 20171 minute read

— Trina Huelsman, co-author of research conducted by Deloitte, The Manufacturing Institute, and APICS exploring how effectively manufacturing companies are attracting, recruiting, and retaining women and what should be done to close the gender gap.

According to an article by Patrick Burnson on supplychain24/7.com, the study, titled “Women in Manufacturing: Stepping up to make an impact that matters,” found that “58 percent of women surveyed noted a positive change in the manufacturing industry’s attitude towards female professionals over the last five years.” Over 600 women were surveyed and nearly 20 interviews were conducted with manufacturing executives.

The research also looked at how STEP programs – and specifically the “STEP Ahead” initiative developed by The Manufacturing Institute – are helping to make the supply chain industry more attractive to women.