“Nothing is ever good enough; it can always be improved.”

April 22, 20161 minute read

Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics and founder of AWESOME, in an interview published in Inbound Logistics. The reporter asked Ann about her leadership style and what about AWESOME makes her excited.

She talked about a lesson passed down by her father that it was important “to do a better job tomorrow than you did today.” Ann’s own version of that is “nothing is ever good enough – it can always be improved.” That keeps her open-minded about finding new and better processes, and she tries to drive that in her organization.

As for AWESOME, she answered, “This group is the confluence of four topics that have been important to me over the past 20 years: the principles of leadership, women’s leadership, the suppy chain and what’s needed in the future for America to succeed. AWESOME is about leadership in the 21st Century. The collaboration skills visionary skills, and transformational skills that women are particularly good at are what America needs today and tomorrow.”

Ann also was asked what advice she’s give to her 20-year-old self. She said, “Gain confidence more quickly. Developing networks and friends outside your company helps a great deal in that regard. I’d tell myself to focus on gaining assertiveness, developing as a leader, and breaking out of the mold.”