The discussion about female hire stats continues

August 27, 20151 minute read

The tech industry, known for having a low percentage of women in leadership positions, continues to reveal and reflect on how much progress is being made. In a Forbes article written by Leo King, Apple’s Tim Cook is quoted as saying that some people will “see our progress” and others “will recognize how much farther we have to go.”

Cook’s comments come on the heels of new statistics showing that Apple hired 65% more women last year than in 2013 – yet, according to the article, women still represent only 31% of total employees at Apple, a mere one percentage point increase on last year. In technology roles, the proportion of women is only about 20%.

JJ DiGeronimo, president of Tech Savvy Women added this observation: “The homogenous environment that exists today in many organizations at most levels has been created by hiring based on comfort and familiarity.”