Technology and human talent have become competitive differentiators.

August 27, 20151 minute read

An article in Inbound Logistics by Joseph Reilly pointing to significant supply chain developments after revisiting companies interviewed in 1996 for the publication’s first list of ”Top 3PLs.” Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics and AWESOME Founder, was one of the five company leaders interviewed.

The article, “The Evolution of Third-Party Logistics,” begins by relating how many dramatic changes have taken place since the list of leading 3PLs was created 20 years ago. It goes on to say, “But a handful of service providers have stood the test of time.” Five leaders were asked to “consider how outsourcing demand has changed…and to shed some light on where the future of 3PLs is tracking.”

One trend in today’s supply chain, according to the article, is that “Technology and talent development have become competitive differentiators.”

Another development is that “The 3PL’s value proposition has morphed from exclusively cost reduction to also include change management.” As an example, Drake pointed to a current situation “where DSC Logistics is working with three customers that are in the process of making acquisitions. In two of the cases, DSC is working with both buyer and seller ”to help them determine how the network should look.”

“Today, we sit at the strategy table with our customers,” she added.

Other logistics/supply chain management companies featured in the article are Menlo Logistics, Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Ryder System, and UPS.