AWESOME Symposium focuses on future of the supply chain

May 19, 20131 minute read


May, 2013–At the first annual AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management and Operations) Symposium on May 9, 2013, four leading supply chain executives participated on a panel focused on emerging challenges and the qualities leaders will need to meet those challenges. Pictured here with Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics and founder of AWESOME (third from left) and Dr. Nancy Nix, panel moderator , (third from right), are panelists (left to right): Kathy Wengel, Johnson & Johnson; Lillian Dukes, Beechcraft Corporation; Debbie Lentz, Kraft Foods; and Sandy Evett, Heinz.

All four panelists hold top positions at their companies and were able to give insights into the supply chain’s increasingly important role in business and the global economy. Kathy Wengel is VP & Chief Quality Officer for J&J. Lillian Dukes is VP, Global Operations Material Control for Beechcraft. Debbie Lentz is SVP, Customer Service and Logistics, Kraft Foods North America. Sandy Evett is VP, Logistics and Distribution for Heinz North America. Dr. Nix is Executive Director, EMBA Program and Professor, Supply Chain Practice, TCU. Highlights of the Symposium also included three other panel discussions – enlightened men, emerging women leaders, and leading women executives from other fields — and interactive “buzz sessions” for participants to talk about relevant topics. AWESOME is an industry-wide leadership initiative launched in early 2013.