Ann Drake launches leadership initiative

January 14, 20132 minute read

January, 2013&nedash;Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics, has announced a new initiative to increase women’s leadership in logistics and supply chain management. The initiative recognizes the contribution of women leaders to the field and promotes the development of up-and-coming leaders. The initiative is named AWESOME – Advancing Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management and Education.

Background: Over the past 10 years, the field of supply chain management, including logistics, procurement, supply management, and sourcing, has transformed. The pace of business has accelerated, the economic consequences of moving products through global markets have multiplied, and new technology is being developed and adopted at warp speed. The field is now recognized as one with tremendous power to help companies achieve their business goals. With increasingly complex problems to be solved and constantly-changing needs to be addressed, the role of strategic supply chain leaders is expanding dramatically.

According to Drake, “In an industry once thought to be mainly about moving boxes and driving trucks, critical elements of success now include creative problem solving, information sharing, and long-term partnerships. In this environment, women have a natural and vital role as team members and leaders. Yet, too few women are fulfilling top leadership roles in supply chain management.”

“Our goal is to change that and bring new energy and new talent to our profession.”

Key Elements of the Initiative:

Leadership Organization – Organizing a successful, sustainable national network of leading female executives in supply chain management

Leadership Collaboration – Expanding opportunities for interaction and collaboration among top women supply chain leaders

Leadership Development – Addressing the need to increase the number of women with strong leadership potential who enter the field, to fully develop the potential of up-and-coming leaders, and to improve opportunities for the next generation of women supply chain leaders:

Communication about Women’s Supply Chain Leadership – Raising awareness throughout the industry and the general business community of women’s significant contribution to the field – and increasing openness to women’s leadership.

Who will be involved in the initiative?