RILA LINK 2024: Recognizing Women’s Leadership in Retail Supply Chain 

February 29, 20242 minute read

On February 25th, we partnered with Walmart to host a Women in Supply Chain networking reception at RILA LINK, a conference uniquely dedicated to serving retailers, grocers, and product manufacturers with a program curated by a committee of leading supply chain executives. 

The networking reception was focused on recognizing and supporting women’s leadership in the retail supply chain industry. During the evening, our attendees were able to network with other women and also hear from three outstanding leaders from Walmart and AWESOME…

Meet our Hosts: 

Here are some incredible highlights from the event:

“What I love about AWESOME is that it’s the only place where you can create these amazing connections with other senior women leaders who are walking in your shoes…AWESOME is about women’s empowerment, we’re about women leaders in supply chain transforming the industry, and we focus on collaboration, sharing best practices, and inspiring and recognizing one another.”

“I feel very passionate about supporting women. To be quite frank, this is the best networking event I’ve been to in 10 years! I have a daughter who aspires to be a CEO – and there are not a lot of women CEOs out there right now. I have a team of amazing  women who support me every day, I’ve got a woman boss— and I think the more we can help each other in this industry, the better this industry will be.”

We were so thrilled to partner with Walmart’s GoLocal team for this event. Walmart GoLocal is a platform that connects businesses with local delivery drivers, offering a convenient and reliable delivery solution. Learn more about Walmart GoLocal and its initiatives here.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce another upcoming partnership with Walmart…our 11th Annual AWESOME Symposium on May 21 & 22! We could not be more thrilled to head to Bentonville, Arkansas, for what promises to be the most extraordinary Symposium to date! Register here:

This was a meaningful gathering that celebrated the achievements of women leaders in supply chain while fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who participated!