Leadership Lessons – Change Management & Building Impactful Teams

October 19, 20232 minute read

On October 12th, we had an incredible LIGHTING Round discussion about change management and building impactful teams. During this session, our amazing group of AWESOME leaders shared valuable insights and their authentic experiences about business culture and teams learning to trust each other during times of change. Their perspective spotlighted the importance of collaboration and leadership in today’s growing business landscape.

Here are some highlights of what our AWESOME leaders shared…

“One thing that helps us a lot is the overall culture of our company and making sure that there’s lots of communication. We hear a lot from our leadership, whether that be individual segment presidents who are very accessible to our CEO who gives us updates on a quarterly basis or whenever we need them…and also making sure on my side that my team also has access to all that information.”

“One of the biggest learnings I’ve had around change management is meeting people where they are, meeting the organization where they are as opposed to where we expect they should be…like there’s a level of well, you should be able to move through this.”

“If your culture is always driven forward, and making sure that everybody is always trying new things, always looking for a better way to do things. And that’s just kind of how you live every day. Then, when you have a change, it might even not even seem like a transformation. It’s just here is something everyone else we’re working on. And we’re gonna do our best at it. And everybody has that drive to do it.”