AccessAWESOME Regional Event

March 30, 20232 minute read

On Monday, March 27th, we hosted our first AccessAWESOME Regional event for 2023 in Northwest Arkansas with AWESOME Advisory Board member, Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Associate Professor of Practice & Executive Director of Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence-WISE at the University of Arkansas!  

We were joined by a group of fantastic women from the Northwest Arkansas area for a night of networking, learning opportunities, and invaluable discussion. Here were some of our favorite takeaways:  

“When I’m interviewing, I’m always thinking about: Can this company paint me a picture of how I will grow within their organization? Can I see how will they actually support me and my desire to advance?” – 2022 AWESOME Scholar, Reagan White 

“If I go through an interview process without speaking to a women, that speaks volumes to me about how a company actually values and supports their women employees.”  – 2022 AWESOME Scholar, Megan Formwalt 

“One thing you might not know about our generation is…we might not go about solving a problem in the same way that you do, but that doens’t mean the end result won’t be the same. It’s important for our coworkers in different generations to have an open mind when it comes to how our generations uses technology to help us in a very different way than any generation before…” – 2019 AWESOME Scholar, McKenzie Meehan 

“I’m so excited to start talking about the next 10 years and the impact that we can have on the industry because there is so much happening. It’s so exciting to be part of supply chain, isn’t it? We have the best jobs in the world.” – Michelle Dilley, CEO of AWESOME.  

“Through WISE I was able to create closer connections with students that I was missing in the larger classroom setting…I’ve been inspired to help these students create that network before they go out into the world because, as we all know, we don’t just work with people from one university or one background, we work with people from all over.” – Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Professor of Practice at the University of Arkansas.