AWESOME LIGHTNING Round focuses on growing and strengthening authentic leadership

September 29, 20212 minute read

At the September 17th AWESOME LIGHTNING Round, leaders talked about what they’ve learned over the past year-and-a-half and how they’re moving forward with their teams. One of the participants said, “Let’s be honest…it’s a struggle.” Some of their team members are facing burn-out, leaders are trying to accommodate diverse concerns and situations while keeping their supply chain up and running, and some of the “temporary’ stopgap measures instituted to keep team members motivated are no longer working. 

Throughout the past year and a half – during a period of non-stop challenges for supply chain leaders – AWESOME has collaborated with Deloitte on these monthly informal, 45-minute sessions where leaders can air and share their experiences and views on topics that matter most to them. 

Topics have included keeping employees safe, dealing with vaccination recommendations or mandates, building flexibility into the workplace, and attracting talent. The October 27 LIGHTNING Round will focus on “Supply Chain Sustainability in Action: What does it look like to you?” Learn more about Upcoming Events

At LIGHTNING Rounds, leaders also talk about strategies and solutions. In September, while acknowledging it can be a struggle to address non-stop challenges, they are also finding new opportunities for effective and authentic leadership along the way. One leader talked about the positive impact being “vulnerable” has had – letting her team members know she doesn’t have all the answers, but they’ll work through it together.

Some said they have modified the social hours they originally launched to make the sessions more comfortable for introverted members of their teams. They’ve turned to “sip’n’chats.” Some have added meditation times. Or “open office hours” when they’re available to let any employee talk to them about any topic.

Another novel idea was a once-a-month “timeline.” Each person in the virtual meeting is invited to say something significant they did over the past month – bought a car, adopted a dog, started a garden, learned to make risotto, etc. Then an actual timeline is created and shared – showing how many important things are happening, although may other things are on “hold.” 

According to Colette Apke, AWESOME’s VP of Programs and Events, “Another advantage of LIGHTNING Rounds and other AWESOME Virtual Events is that they offer a chance to connect with other AWESOME leaders at a time when connections and mutual support and learning matter more than ever.”