Strategy Magazine features interview with AWESOME Founder and Chairman Ann Drake

April 24, 20201 minute read

In an article titled “Leading women on an AWESOME path,” Strategy magazine describes how Ann Drake, who founded AWESOME when she was Chairman and CEO of DSC Logistics, realized the time was right to advance women’s leadership in the traditionally male field of logistics and supply chain management. Ann now serves as Chairman of AWESOME, which has grown to be a community of more than 1500 senior women leaders in supply chain.

The article also cites research showing that businesses with women at the top outperform many other businesses. Ann believes women will succeed in the supply chain field because “So much of it is collaboration across silos, across companies, across departments, across oceans…To fully execute the supply chain, you’ve got to be completely horizontal in your thinking. And women are naturals at making things work, putting together the pieces and figuring it out.”

To read the entire interview, download pdf.