COVID-19 Supply Chain Info & Resources

March 19, 20202 minute read

AWESOME is working to provide a clearinghouse of information for supply chain leaders regarding COVID-19 resources to help critical supply chains continue. The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), led by AWESOME leader Kathy Fulton, is coordinating with industry association leaders to share important information as well as feed questions and requests to U.S. government agencies from association members.

Urgent Request to Shippers and Warehouse Operators: Truck drivers are a critical resource and they need access to restroom facilities at your sites. ALAN is hearing multiple reports that shippers and receivers are refusing access to bathroom facilities for truck drivers due to fears about virus transmission. Drivers are threatening to “go home.” Please use informed compassion regarding driver access at your facilities and follow CDC guidance for good hygiene. Words from Kathy Fulton: “We are all in this fight together. We need our truckers on the roads so our warehouses and stores and manufacturing can stay open and so that our communities get what they need.  At a time when our systems are so stretched and fragile, now more than ever, we need to band together the disparate parts of the supply chain to ensure our country has the nourishment, hydration, and medical care we need.”

Map of State-by-State Restrictions: You may find this U.S. map of restrictions from Healthcare Ready useful if you operate in multiple states.

Business Information & Workplace Guidance: You can find a comprehensive set of resources here on the ALAN website. This includes many links to workplace and communication information, OSHA guidance, and the recent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) emergency proclamation suspending federal hours-of-service (HOS) regulations for operations engaged in emergency relief.

Additional Questions for U.S. Federal Agencies: If you have COVID-19 questions and requests to be funneled to U.S. federal agencies via ALAN, please share them with Heather Sheehan by email at

Connection to other Resources: Finally, if you are seeking to connect with a particular type of resource or individual in the AWESOME community to help address COVID-19 related issues in your supply chain, please contact us at We’ll do our best to link you to the right resource.