Interview Highlights Heather Sheehan’s Role on SMC3 Jump Start Panel

January 16, 20201 minute read

Leading up to AWESOME Executive Director Heather Sheehan moderating a panel at the 2020 Jump Start conference, SMC3 interviewed Heather about progress women are making as supply chain leaders.  Heather’s panel discussion on “Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences” takes place on January 28 in Atlanta.

In the interview, appearing on the SMC3 website, Heather is asked how the perception of women in the supply chain field has changed in the past 5 years and what main steps supply chain organizations can take to be more inclusive.

According to Heather, “Women have made progress in the supply chain field, but progress is slow, incremental and inconsistent.” She goes on to cite some of the circumstances that hinder women’s advancement, as well as pointing out actions that are most effective to remove barriers.