Michelle Halkerston sets sights on new technology

November 21, 20191 minute read

Speaking at the FreightWaves LIVE conference in November, AWESOME Advisor Michelle Halkerston called her company, Hassett Express, “the biggest domestic freight forwarder that you never heard of.” In an article on yahoo! Finance, she goes on to describe technology integration investments she views as game-changers for her business.

Michelle spoke about the need for collaboration and the ways data can help. “In air cargo, there’s multiple points, at least three at a minimum. You’ve got a truck on one end, the airline, and a truck on the other end, and if there’s connecting flights there are even more,” she said. There’s also complying with regulations and the extensive documentation that goes with that.

The article tells Michelle’s career story, which includes roles with Caliber Logistics (now FedEx SupplyChain) and Penske Logistics, becoming President of Hassett Express and then buying the company two years later.

Hassett Express transports more than 100 million pounds of freight a year and is considered a top domestic cargo customer to U.S. airlines United, Delta, Southwest, American and Alaska. In the air freight space, the company provides domestic same-day, next-flight, next-day, time-definite and charter services.