Chicago’s ComEd sponsors girls in icebox derby

August 01, 20191 minute read

As a means of encouraging girls to take an interest in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), ComEd — a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 100 energy company —is pairing some of their female engineers with teams of girls competing in the company’s annual icebox derby. The challenge is to design, build and race a car with the parts of a recycled refrigerator.

In a segment on ABC News, Jean Medina, ComEd’s VP of Communications, is quoted as saying, “We want to show them (girls) what they could be doing and what their future could be. We want them to get excited.” She also said, “The future is female, and it’s so bright.”

Thirty girls, ages 13 to 18, were selected to participate on six teams and race their derby cars on August 3. The program tests speed and craftsmanship as well as analytical skills and the ability to work together. Every participant will receive a $1,500 scholarship.