Sharon Hall enters new field of supercomputing

June 19, 20191 minute read

Sharon Hall, the former Director in Global Supply Chain for Intel, has taken on a new role as Senior Director of Exascale, part of Intel’s Extreme Computing business involved in High Performance Computing. Exascale computing refers to supercomputing systems capable of at least a quintillion (that is a billion billion) calculations per second and will enable breakthroughs in science, innovation, and discovery to address some of the world’s biggest challenges. (Learn more here)

Sharon is an AWESOME leader who helped introduce the AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award presentation at the 2019 Symposium. In setting the stage for the Up-Close Conversation between the 2019 ALL Award honorees and Jackie Sturm, VP Global Supply Chain for Intel and a 2016 ALL Award recipient, Sharon also described Intel’s commitment and support of AWESOME and its mission.

With experience working at Intel for 22+ years in a variety of supply chain roles, Sharon credits AWESOME and the inspiration she gained from hearing other AWESOME leaders giving her confidence to make a major switch and learn a new capability. She said, “I heard loud and clear at AWESOME symposiums that gaining P&L experience is essential for continued growth and opportunities. I’m excited to learn about the Data Center segment of Intel’s business and build upon 22+ years of supply chain experience.”