Catalyst urges every company to offer paid paternity leave

June 19, 20191 minute read

Catalyst, the global nonprofit organization focused on building workplaces that work for women, has published a list of 10 reasons why every company should provide paternity leave – and why every man should take it. The article also points out that the U.S. is the only developed nation that doesn’t have a national paid parental leave law. As a result, more companies are “picking up the slack.”

According to Catalyst, paternity leave benefits employers as well as families, and the article refers to studies that prove those claims. For example, there is a large body of research showing that companies that offer paternity leave and encourage new dads to take it “help break down traditional gender stereotypes, benefit families, and contribute to a culture of inclusion.”

In addition, a study in Sweden “showed that each additional month of parental leave taken by the father increases the mother’s earnings by approximately 7%.”

Another important aspect is for the company culture to encourage both moms and dads to take leave that’s offered. “A supportive workplace is key to reaping the organizational benefits of paternity leave. 72% of men said they would have taken a longer parental leave if they had seen co-workers do so. Only 26% of managers globally, encourage men to take leave.”