Women’s history month sets stage for taking stock of women’s progress

March 13, 20191 minute read

Although International Women’s Day has passed (March 8), the focus on women continues through March, which is Women’s History Month. NBC News marked the occasion with an article evaluating the strides women are actually making.

The author, Julianne Pepitone, refers to data from a recent Pew Research Center Report. Among other conclusions, the report finds that the obstacles seen as holding women back are “similar across all realms”: gender discrimination, women having to do more to prove themselves, and other structural expectations.

While the number of women Fortune 500 CEOs has actually declined, the percentage of women on Fortune 500 boards more than doubled between 1995 to 2017 – although women still account for only 22.2 percent of those positions.

According to an American Express report, women-owned businesses are a bright spot, having climbed to 40 percent of all U.S. businesses. Politics is another area of progress for women – with 25 women now serving in the Senate and 102 women serving in the House of Representatives – still only 23% of total Representatives.

The percentage of university presidents who are women has tripled since 1986 – still just 30 percent of the total.

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