South African Logistics Entrepreneur is featured on podcast

March 06, 20191 minute read

Nozuko Mayeka, founder of Tulsawiz Logistics in South Africa, is interviewed for the Women in Supply Chain series of “Let’s Talk Supply Chain” podcasts. The interviewer, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, calls Nozuko a “trailblazer, entrepreneur, mother, thought leader, logistics expert, advocate for women in business, women in supply chain and overall someone who inspires.”

The podcast series has featured several AWESOME leaders in the past, including Sheila Benny, Co-Founder & President of Optricity; Mary Long, Managing Director of the Global Supply Chain Institute’s Supply Chain Forum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and an AWESOME Advisor; and Lillian Dukes, Principal and President of LAD Consulting, also an AWESOME Advisor.