Article explains why smart buildings are a smart supply chain strategy

January 30, 20191 minute read

AWESOME Advisor Joann Michalik is a co-author of an article published recently by Deloitte Insights titled “Smart Buildings: Four considerations for creating people-centered smart, digital workplaces.” Joann is Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, focusing on manufacturing transformations, new product introduction and innovation.

Joann and her Deloitte co-authors – Griffin James, Heather Ashton Manolian, and Paul Wellener – point out that “The confluence of the Internet of Things (IoT) with building operations and the future of the workplace is creating a significant opportunity for building owners, operators, and occupants to create smart, digitally connected spaces that support the people at their center. “

According to Joann, “I feel it is important for supply chain leaders to consider embedding Smart Building solutions into their operations. Buildings are becoming the IOT gateway and backbone leading to enhanced employee’s experiences and operational performance, as well as providing a safe and secure workplace. Whether it’s new building or a retrofit, Smart Building solutions are worth a good, close look.”

The article describes four benefits to be considered when creating people-centered smart, digital workplaces: “They connect humans; they provide better control of facilities and operations; they support ways to collaborate digitally; and they enable owners to conserve resources that include space, energy, water, and employees.”

For companies wanting to implement a smart building strategy, the article outlines pitfalls to avoid and identifies steps for using a project-based approach.

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