JDA’s interview with Heather Sheehan named as one of 2018’s best blogs

January 03, 20191 minute read

For its “2018 Most Valuable Posts,” the online publication Supply Chain Brief has selected an interview with AWESOME Executive Director Heather Sheehan as among the top blogs. The interview, posted on “Wednesdays for Women,” a blog series created by Beth Elkin, Group Vice President, Marketing, for JDA Software, was titled “Growing Women in Supply Chain Leadership” and appeared in April 2018.

Supply Chain Brief collects content from hundreds of industry thought-leaders. The blogs are selected for the annual “MVPs” according to which stories were “most read.”

In the interview, Heather is asked to comment on challenges she faced as a woman in the supply chain field, what she thinks is the best way to grow women leaders in the field, and why a strong network of women leaders is important.

Several other blogs in the JDA series have featured AWESOME.