Sheila Benny is interviewed for Women In Logistics  podcast

December 05, 20181 minute read

Sheila Benny, President of Optricity and a member of the AWESOME community, is featured in a Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast as part of the Women in Logistics series. The founder and host of the podcasts, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, broadcasts interviews with top professionals in the supply chain field.

Two other AWESOME leaders — Lillian Dukes and Mary Long, both AWESOME Advisors — have been interviewed for the series.

In the newest podcast, Sheila and Sarah talk about Sheila’s journey from engineering school to entrepreneur, what 3 or 4 things have been pivotal to her success, how mentorship is changing lives in supply chain, the biggest risks Sheila has taken on her journey, and advice for the next generation.

In addition to her leadership of Optricity, Sheila serves the supply chain field as past president of WERC, Warehousing Education Research Council and through the co-launch of Mentor-in-the-Moment, a one-to-one, experiential learning, reflection-based mentor/protégé process to support career engagement.