Lisa Borders and Pat Mitchell continue to inspire

October 10, 20182 minute read

Two highly-accomplished women who have spoken at AWESOME Symposiums are addressing some of society’s major issues. Lisa Borders, who spoke at the 2018 Symposium when she was President of the Women’s National Basketball Association, is leaving the WNBA to take on a new role. Pat Mitchell, who gave an Out in Front talk at the 2017 Symposium is active in major efforts to advance women in all areas.

As of November 1, Lisa Borders will become the first President and CEO of Time’s Up, the organization founded to fight workplace sexual harassment, assault, and abuse in Hollywood and beyond. In an article in Vanity Fair, she says, “I was being not just invited, but encouraged—implored—to step forward and be part of this transformational change for women.”

Pat Mitchell is an influential media executive, producer, and curator of TEDWomen who uses social media to advocate for women. She recently brought attention to a story in the New York Times about a study showing women in Congress “are better dealmakers” than their male counterparts.

The study, conducted by two Harvard students who started a company to analyze legislative data, found that “Women are not only introducing more legislation over the last seven years, but they are also getting more support for that legislation, getting more bills out of committee and getting more enacted than their male colleagues in the U.S. Senate.” In addition, the study found that women in the Senate are more likely to reach across the aisle on bi-partisan legislation.