Leader explains why she participates in AWESOME symposiums

February 15, 20181 minute read

Nancie Torrence, Group Vice President for Aerospace and Defense, JDA Software, has attended three AWESOME symposiums, beginning with the 2015 symposium hosted by Johnson & Johnson. In a recent blog on JDA’s Supply Chain Nation newsletter, she describes the symposiums as “career-changing.”

Building from Nancie’s enthusiasm about the event and from the positive experiences of other JDA participants, the company has stepped up to be the Host Partner for the 2018 Symposium, May 9-11 in Orlando.

While each of the three symposiums was valuable to Nancie in different ways, she summarizes why the AWESOME symposiums are different from any other she’s attended: “The opportunity to have thought-provoking, in-depth and honest conversations with other senior women is so valuable. You get to speak candidly, surface issues and understand possible resolutions, gain the confidence to approach and accept challenges, and learn to be your own advocate and be empowered.”

She continues, “Where else can you go for just a few days and walk away with the tools and inspiration you need to change your career in ways you never dreamed possible?”