Inc. Magazine suggests six “must-read” business books for 2018

February 08, 20181 minute read

Inc. Magazine suggests six “must-read” business books for 2018

The following books have been named by Inc. Magazine as the “must-read” books of 2018

Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom & Responsibility
by Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix
The author advocates for a “radically honest” workplace.

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
by Daniel H. Pink
How to increase the impact of decisions by getting the timing right.

The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win
by Jeff Haden, Inc. Magazine columnist
The author identifies processes people can use to maximize their drive to succeed.

Treating People Well: The Extraordinary Power of Civility at Work and in Life
by Lean Berman and Jeremy Bernard
Advice from two former White House secretaries on how to navigate the social aspects of work

The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups
by Daniel Coyle
This book explores traits of organizations and teams that outperform others.

Best Year Ever: A Five Step Plan for Achieving your Most Important Goals
by Michael Hyatt
This plan advises ways to turn dreams into realities.

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