Women in technology point to significant events of 2017

December 18, 20171 minute read

Joanna Drake, a technology executive who has been active in AWESOME initiatives and programs, was one of 12 women profiled by Fast Company magazine. Each was asked to comment on pivotal headlines that caused them to rethink their values and transform their approach to leadership.

Joanna, who is general partner with Core Ventures, commented on “Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship In The Wake Of Sexism.”

“For those of us working in Silicon Valley for decades, we’ve always been painfully aware of the small percentages of female leadership in tech and the barriers to female advancement, ranging from gender bias in recruiting to outright predatory behavior.

“So the alarming headlines this year have not been surprising nor necessarily the catalyst for new policies or behavior. For example, before the Binary Capital news hit, I wrote this editorial in the Nikkei newspaper in March: ‘Where are All the Women?’

“What the persistent headline coverage in mainstream news this spring and summer has done for us, however, is given us the opportunity to highlight positive initiatives to advance and celebrate women in tech such as Broadway Angels and theboardlist.

“The media spotlight has given us all more urgency in our push for more diversity in our startups and their boards, and in visible forums like conferences. The worst thing that the news coverage could do is to intimidate or demotivate young women from aspiring to careers in tech.”