An update from the American Logistics Aid Network

September 07, 20172 minute read

Supply chain plays major role after Harvey and assists preparations for Irma

ALAN efforts in Texas include directing relief agencies to sources of refrigerated trailers and box trucks; connecting emergency management to fuel availability data for decision making; arranging delivery of donated water to first responders, identifying warehouse space for medical supplies for evacuees, and coordinating route truck deliveries of food and water to points of delivery for survivors (PODS). ALAN also is receiving requests in advance of Irma making landfall in Florida and other locations.

How you can help

As Executive Director of the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), Kathy Fulton, an AWESOME network member, is leading an emergency supply chain response after Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic damage and flooding in Houston and other areas in southeast Texas. ALAN matches requests for help — including warehouse space and transportation equipment and services – with companies that can donate emergency assistance.

According to Kathy, if companies are able to offer logistics equipment or services in advance, that will help ALAN match needs and resources more expediently. As much as 80 percent of disaster recovery expenditures go toward transporting, warehousing, and distributing goods and services to affected communities. Contact ALAN if your company can help.

Find updated situation reports (under “Recent Posts”) and a map showing assistance requests. 

Please note this information from ALAN about HOW you help:

We encourage you to donate and volunteer responsibly so as not to consume supply chain capacity with items that are not needed.

Individual, unsolicited donations are inefficient and provide logistics challenges to supply chains already disrupted. They require time to sort and repack, consume logistics capacity, and the inbound supply signal is not visible to the organizations responding, so they are often unprepared to accept / distribute them. Our advice for those wishing to assist is to make a financial contribution to a reputable / vetted non-profit organization such as those who are members of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.