The productivity pros and cons of working at home

July 13, 20171 minute read

As more companies seek ways to make their working schedule more flexible, questions have been raised about whether or not productivity is affected. An article on suggests, “finding the right balance between working from home and logging time at the office requires the right insight.”

The article quotes Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, a research firm and consultancy that specializes in innovative workplace practices, as saying, “In each particular case, the benefits of telecommuting depend almost entirely on the kind of work being performed and the culture of the team.”

Proponents of WFH (working from home) list decreased real-estate costs, ability to attract better talent, and happier, more productive employees as advantages. However, certain circumstances, such as “when tasks are collaborative by nature and require complex information-sharing or exploration, such as when a new project is being launched,” seem to require a more face-to-face arrangement.