Women at Work Panel at CSCMP Conference will address managing conflict

July 13, 20171 minute read

For the fifth year, Penn State Executive Programs will sponsor the Women at Work Session at the annual conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). This year’s workshop on Sunday, September 24, will focus on ways to anticipate, plan and respond to conflicts in everyday work situations. The conference is Sept. 24-27 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The moderator for the session is Elizabeth “Ellie” Weldon, Professor of Management, Executive Education With Impact, Penn State University.

Description of the session: Organizations are becoming ever more flat and networked, making the ability to manage social relationships a vital skill for successful leaders. With so many stakeholders, particularly in the supply chain organization, conflict is common, but does not need to impede progress. Analyzing a potential conflict in advance will help you deal with it more effectively. Hot buttons that often provoke unanticipated conflict can learn to be managed. This workshop-style event will provide ways to anticipate, plan, and react more effectively to unforeseen conflicts in every day work situations.