“Shortchanging women’s paychecks unfairly penalizes women and their families.”

April 13, 20171 minute read

— A USA Today article covering the “20percentcounts” campaign launched by LeanIn.org in honor of Equal Pay Day, April 4. The women’s leadership campaign founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is now pointing its influential spotlight on the issue of pay inequality.

As a tangible gesture to bring awareness to the fact that women, on average, are paid 20% less than men in the U.S., 300 businesses in 25 cities offered 20% discounts or special offers to women and men on April 4.

According to the article, Equal Pay Day is a symbolic point in the year that represents the date that working women’s pay catches up to men’s from the prior year.

LeanIn.org also collaborated with Yahoo TV and Funny or Die to create a video to “show you how absurd the world would look if women received 20% less of everything, including coffee, phone battery life and so much more.”