McKinsey & Co. studies why gender inequality in the workplace is so persistent

February 16, 20172 minute read

In a study conducted with, McKinsey asked over 34,000 men and women in more than 130 companies why the good intentions of so many companies aren’t translating into a truly inclusive work environment. For example, McKinsey research found that, despite attention from business leaders and media, corporate America promotes men at 30 percent higher rates than women during their early career stages.

McKinsey’s and’s conclusion? “Time for a new gender equality playbook.”

According to the study, “We see strong evidence that even when top executives say the right things, employees don’t think they have a plan for making progress toward gender equality, don’t see those words backed up with action, don’t feel confident calling out gender bias when they see it, and don’t think frontline managers have gotten the message.”

Their study explores how employees see gender equity being addressed at their company, and points to these findings:

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